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Mary-Riesberg-M-medRecent Articles & Blog Posts

Pull it together and FOCUS

Standing drenched on a small platform in a tree my total focus is on the narrow metal bar hanging 5 feet away.  All I need to do is jump, grab the bar and hang on.  Or, I could make my way back down the tree and guarantee the safety of me landing on solid ground.  I...

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4 Public Speaking Tips on Imitation

For me summertime means binge watching shows on Netflix. The more I watch the more I hear myself imitating the voice and mannerisms of the main characters in the shows.  It could be some special form of osmosis or it could be a common occurrence of imitation of a...

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3 Tips to Embracing Your Voice Within

It does not matter what type or age of speaker I work with for me it all starts with embracing your voice within.  In today’s visual world where we see everything we have the tendency to desire the look and sound of someone else.  We have lost our individual voice...

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Mary-Riesberg-M-medRecent Podcasts & Interviews

Interview With Carissa Caricato Hoola For Happiness

Mary Riesberg interviews founder of Hoola for Happiness, Carissa Cariacato, about finding balance in her Christ centered life. Just before the interview Carissa was preparing to travel to the Olympic Games in Rio to be a Joy Spreader with her team and hoops. No matter...

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Mary-Riesberg-M-medWhat Our Clients Have to Say About Mary

Every time I hear Mary speak I’m inspired. Her presentations are dynamic and full of content. She brings out the best in everyone around her, including me. Her leadership, training and voice coaching has helped me to become a professional speaker. I am now living my dream because Mary Riesberg saw a gift inside of me. She took that gift, nurtured it, cultivated it, and encouraged it. Not only is Mary an exceptional speaker, she is an excellent coach as well. Thank you Mary.

Steve Wilmer

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Steve Speaks, LLC

I had the opportunity to work with Mary as a professional coach, specifically working on speaking and media relations. She gave me great guidance on all aspects of public speaking, from preparation to delivery. It was time well invested as she challenged me to think about and practice all the “little things” that are so important to a successfully managing the message and the audience.

KC Donahey

CEO, Oviedo Medical Center at HCA

Mary Riesberg conducts her consulting and speaking business with integrity, passion, empathy and wisdom. Mary is a woman of vision and compassion. She is a must if you want an exciting, informative and leading edge speaker or consultant.

Mark Ehrlich, 'The Negotiator'

Chief Negotiatior, Michael E. Gerber Companies

Mary is an empathetic and insightful soul. Her true passion is to help others reach their highest level in personal and spiritual growth as well as business potential. I am grateful for the wisdom she has shared with me and I consider her a true friend. Mary’s character is impeccable…even when she isn’t aware anyone is looking. I would not hesitate to recommend Mary as a personal, business and leadership coach.

Magi Thomley Williams, CC

Public Relations Manager, Wind Creek Casino

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