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John Maxwell Mentorship Team, 2016

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Mary Riesberg As a well-recognized communication skills expert, professional speaker, leadership trainer and author, Mary Riesberg works with individuals to empower them to have confidence when speaking to an audience of 1 or 1000. Mary has over 24 years of experience transforming beginners/professional speakers, radio and news personalities, government officials and singers to become a Total Impact Speaker ™ A few of Mary’s associations include Chick-fil-A, Met Life, United Cerebral Palsy, American Society of Training and Development, American Business Women’s Association and the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association.


Mary has had a life-long passion with communication and speech. When Mary was a young girl she had a speech impediment causing her to lack self-confidence and feel ashamed to speak. Mary can truly understand the anxiety and fears associated with public speaking. She can also understand the freedom and excitement that comes with communicating freely. It was her experiences as a young girl that inspired Mary to pursue her career as a Speech-Language Pathologist and obtain a master’s degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Mary’s experience has taught her that speech can be difficult, but when mixed with proper instruction and passion, speech can become a beautiful masterpiece.

Mary complements her speaker and voice coaching with Team Communication and Leadership training as a Founding Partner of the John C. Maxwell Team of speakers, coaches and trainers.  She is a licensed facilitator of the Path Elements Profile and Personality Insights DISC profile.

Mary is a Certified Christian Life Coach and has just released her book entitled, Center Ring: 7 Steps To Finding Balance and Momentum In Your Walk With Christ.

When Mary is not coaching others you can find her on stage speaking on her most requested keynote topics:

  • Power Speaking Strategies for Success
  • Find Your Passion, Find Your Voice
  • Team Communication and Leadership
  • Reclaim the Brilliance in People, Teams, and Companies
  • Finding Balance in a Busy World

Most importantly, Mary is a wife and mother to three wonderful children. She resides in beautiful Pensacola, Florida.


Fun Facts About Mary

Did You Know?

Mary is a Certified Hula Hoop Instructor.

Mary loves James Bond movies (I got to be a “Bond Girl” when dancing for Covenant Hospic).

Mary’s favorite travel food is Peanut M&M’s.

Mary’s favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz (she really likes those ruby red slippers!).

Mary loves animal crackers with peanut butter stacked with chocolate chips.

Mary wears a tiara when she needs a little inspiration when writing

Mary is not afraid to try something new or look a little silly (most of the time)

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