Mary Riesberg Leadership Training

Mary Riesberg at LifeWay Christian Bookstore thrilled to see God, Me,and My Hula-Hoop on the bookshelves.

Mary Riesberg Leadership Training

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Mary Riesberg

Author ◦ Coach ◦ Trainer ◦ Speaker

As an author Mary shares her passion and her purpose.  In her newly released, Center Ring: 7 Steps in Finding Balance and Momentum in Your Relationship with Christ, Mary inspires you to place Christ at the center of your life.  In this 8-week Bible study she explores how to keep your life balanced while moving in faith. There is no struggle too hard or life too easy where Christ is not constantly present. Mary opens up about her personal struggle and need for a closer relationship with Christ.

Download Mary’s, 7 Secrets to Successful Presentations, to discover simple ways to immediately improve your public speaking skills.

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