It does not matter what type or age of speaker I work with for me it all starts with embracing your voice within.  In today’s visual world where we see everything we have the tendency to desire the look and sound of someone else.  We have lost our individual voice that makes us standout in a crowd.  No matter how hard you try you will never sound exactly like someone else.  Your best choice is to explore your own voice and embrace your voice within.

Recently, I was working with a professional speaker who was preparing to give a presentation to an audience of small business owners.  The focus of her presentation was leadership development. She had a nice opening and good content.  As we reviewed a video of her presenting it was obvious that she was not engaged in her own topic.  She was presenting someone else’s material.  There was no unique ownership or voice to her presentation.  If there is one thing that my 24 years of communication experience has taught me is that when you find your passion – you find your voice!  We placed stories into her presentation…her stories.  Her stories were filled with passionate examples of leadership development.  You could see her expressions and voice come alive when she was talking.  It did not take much effort to pull animation from her voice because she now owned her presentation.  Her skills went from good too great in a matter of weeks because she embraced her voice within and shared it with her audience.  As a result, the feedback from her presentations moved from average too excellent.

How can you do the same thing?

  1. Love the topic you are presenting– if you don’t have any options, find your unique stories to interject into the presentation
  1. Let your voice be strong– be a little louder when you need to.  I often use the analogy of a roller coaster.  Do you want your presentation to be the kiddie ride that just goes in circles or do you want a presentation that leaves people running to stand in line?
  1. Be you– people can see a fake a mile away.