For me summertime means binge watching shows on Netflix. The more I watch the more I hear myself imitating the voice and mannerisms of the main characters in the shows.  It could be some special form of osmosis or it could be a common occurrence of imitation of a celebrity.  I was giving a presentation when it hit me that that I was using a similar speech pattern of the female leading lady in the show I was watching.  It felt so out of place for me. As a speaker trainer emphasis is placed on finding your own voice, your own style of presenting, and your own content.  It was shocking how easy it was to imitate and become someone else.  Imitation is a form of flattery but not at the expense of losing your own unique style.

Here are 4 things to remember as you develop your own style of speaking:

  1. Search out and watch videos of speakers that inspire you.
  2. If you see and hear specific qualities of a speaker you admire write them down.
  3. Imitate these qualities while preparing and practicing your presentation.
  4. Weave into your presentation only the qualities that fit with who you are as a



Have fun and explore who you are as a speaker.  For more on the topic of public speaking download my free eBook, 7 Secrets of Successful Presentations.