Standing drenched on a small platform in a tree my total focus is on the narrow metal bar hanging 5 feet away.  All I need to do is jump, grab the bar and hang on.  Or, I could make my way back down the tree and guarantee the safety of me landing on solid ground.  I jump, barely touch the bar and fall towards earth until our leader pulls me back up saving me from having a face full of mud.  This was an exercise in FOCUS and release of fear.  As I was getting out of my tree jumping gear I thought about how impactful this exercise was on my perception of what it means to FOCUS.

  • F Finalize and commitment – This goes for speaking, writing or any area of my life that is not clear.
  • O Obstacles are only as big as I make them – Don’t sweat the small stuff like jumping off a platform 20 feet in the air.
  • C Create a belief that I can do this – It is only the smallness of my mind that keeps me small.
  • U Utilize what I know – I do have expertise and knowledge of my own.
  • S Smile and simply do it! – My days are going by way too fast to get wrapped up in the minutia.

I can’t wait to see what happens the next time I am faced with making a decision and I FOCUS.  Share with me what FOCUS means to you in the comments below.